The yarn that blossoms as you knit.

We have often noticed that customers rave about my handspun handknit sweaters, vests, and mittens. When they ask to see the yarn, they often shy away from it, until we tell them the following. If you have never worked with handspun Angora, this is what you should know. angora yarnThe material we use to spin our yarn comes from either our own rabbits or  the best farms in the United States. Depending on the availability, the content may be an English/German mix or a French/German mix. We always try to pick the longer staples, ie 3 inches or above. Mechanically spun Angora yarn, on the other hand, often contains short 1 inch fiber, imported from South America or China. Unlike machine spun yarn, our Angora yarn is spun very tightly for strength and is not mechanically brushed. As a result of this process and the top quality material used, the garment made from our yarn tends to be shed-resistant.  Another unique feature of this yarn is its texture.  The process of handspinning allows for the irregularities of the finished product that renders this yarn one-of-a-kind!  The industry cannot achieve such a beautifully textured yarn while preserving the soft, fuzzy nature typical of angora products.

There is one drawback however. Because of the tight spinning process, our yarn tend to look flat before it is knitted. The roughness of your hands and the friction caused by the knitting needles bring out the beautiful halo of the angora, without the shedding problem.

What about machine knitting? Our yarn can be used with a bulky bed machine.  However, since the yarn does not experience the hand knitting process as described above, it will not have the halo and will require some wearing before blossoming out.

Handspun angora is simply the best angora yarn you can find!

Yarns Specifications

You may wonder what the little strand of beige thread that runs with the angora yarn.  This is a binder yarn either in cotton or silk, depending on the type of dye processing the yarn has undergone.  The job of the binder is to make the yarn stronger.  This fine thread will not visibly show in the final work as the angora will blossom above it.

How much yarn do you need? Here are some approximations:

ItemYardage # skeins
Mittens100- 150 yds
Tam300 yds 4
Socks300 yds 4
Vest300-400 yds 6-8
Medium Size Sweater1200-1600 yds 24-32