Exquisitely Angora is a small company aimed to produce high quality luxe yarns.  We specialize in hand-dyed, hand-spun textured yarns of different types of fiber, including angora rabbit, mohair fiber from goat, soft wool from sheep, and silk from silk worms.  We take great pride in producing unique yarns which have the texture of the fiber from the animal it was produced.  Thus, each of our yarn is fabulously unique.

DSC_1144We are committed to providing you with the best quality handspun handpainted yarns. The most popular yarns are the Moira yarn and the Angora yarns.  The Moira line is a one of a kind yarn handspun to look like the wavy, curly nature of the Angora goat from which the fiber is derived.  The Angora yarn is completely different from the standard smooth angora yarn found in most stores.  Indeed, it was designed to be textured and yet preserve the soft and fuzzy handle typical of angora fiber.  Selected from the best animals, this shed-resistant angora yarn has a georgous halo, a silky hand, and color choices to die for!

Rosalie Truong

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